Player membership of the Malvern Tigers is on a seasonal basis. Prospective players complete and submit a registration form prior to the start of a new season. The cut-off date for submission is shown on the form and is usually about 8 weeks before the season commences. This allows time for teams to be selected, team entries to be sent to the Waverley Basketball Association and team details to be emailed out to all players, coaches and Team Managers.


 Summer 2017/2018 Season - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Registration for Junior basketball for the Summer 2017/18 season is now CLOSED (due date was 18th August 2017). Thanks to all members who have registered on-time. Team selection commences shortly.

Players still wanting to play will need to contact the Membership Officer and request  to be placed on a waiting list. If a place becomes available in one of our teams, wait-listed players may be selected in accordance with our Selection Policy, and will then be asked to complete registration via Fox Sports Pulse. All late registrations automatically incur an administration fee of $10, and any team selection requests will not be recorded or considered.

Please contact the Membership Officer if you have any queries about registration and Club membership.


Open Age Players - Summer 2017/2018 Season - Coming Soon 

The Summer season player registration form for new Senior players is coming soon. Please contact the Membership Officer if you have an queries about registration and Club Membership.

This was photo taken before a “Derby” game where the Malvern Tigers “Sabres” went on to beat Malvern Tigers “Bengals” 20 -15 in a most competitive and hard fought game.

There are three Malvern Tigers Over 35 teams entered into the Thursday night competition at Waverley Basketball Stadium which sees 10 senior (over 35 teams) battle it out for the chance to be the “Old Man’s” team of the season!!

If there are any Malvern Tigers dads out there that would be interested to have a run on the court we would be more than happy to “pick up “ a few 6’ 5” tall forwards to help us be competitive, so please feel free to make enquiries with the club if you are interested.