President's Report

Hi Malvern Tigers players and extended community,

What an incredible start to the Summer season! The Club had the most girls and boys players ever – with 39 and 49 teams respectively (that’s 685 players!). Truly an incredible achievement for our domestic basketball club.

Sadly, we find ourselves in unprecedented times and our season cut short. However, it has been pleasing to see so many of our teams finish at or near the top of their sections!! Well done to all of our players.

As we are a Club that is run by a large group of volunteers, a few paid coaches and support staff, I would like to say thank you to our Team Managers, AGCs, Coaches and Executive Committee members. It takes all of us to field this Club.

Wendi Dawson

Summer 19 wrap up

Despite the premature and disappointing end to the finals series, Malvern Tigers performed strongly in the 2019/20 Summer Season competitions. Twelve Girls and 6 Juniors teams finished as premiers, and 4 Girls and 10 Juniors teams finished as runners-up. Congratulations to the following teams on their achievements:

U10 Black (U12 Section 5 Gold premier)
U10 Red (Section 1 premier)
U10 Yellow (Section 3 runner-up)
U10 Orange (Section 5 runner-up)
U10 Blue (Section 6 Gold premier)
U10 Brown (Section 6 Gold runner-up)
U10 Purple (Section 6 Green premier)
U10 Black (Section 1 runner-up)
U10 Red (Section 2 premier)
U10 White (Section 4 runner-up)
U12 Black (Section 2 runner-up)
U12 White (Section 4 premier)
U12 Green (Section 4 premier)
U12 Brown (Section 6 Green premier)
U12 Black (Section 2 runner-up)
U12 White (Section 4 Gold runner-up)
U12 Green (Section 4 Green premier)
U12 Purple (Section 6 Green runner-up)
U12 Grey (Section 7 Gold runner-up)
U14 Black (Section 1 premier)
U14 Red (Section 2 premier)
U14 Black (Section 1 runner-up)
U14 Yellow (Section 4 Gold runner-up)
U14 White (Section 5 Gold runner-up)
U14 Green (Section 6 Green premier)
U16 Red (Section 3 premier)U16 Black (Section 2 premier)
U16 Red (Section 3 runner-up)
U16 Green (Section 7 premier)
U18 Black (Section 1 premier)U18 Black (Section 1 premier)
U18 Red (Section 3 premier)


Coaches or team managers can collect trophies from 9am on Friday 27 March (details have been provided to coaches and team managers separately). While the Club is unable to arrange a larger event, we do encourage teams to gather to celebrate the Summer 19 season, and for coaches to hand out their Coaches Awards.

Player Milestones

Congratulations also to players that have achieved milestones of 100, 200, 300 and especially 400 games for the Malvern Tigers! The complete list of players making these milestones this season is posted on our website:

Players needing to receive a 100 game badge for reaching a new milestone should submit their details using the SurveyMonkey link below, and we will post the badge(s) to you:

Winter 2020 update

Waverley Basketball Association has confirmed that they are currently preparing for the Winter 2020 season. We have also continued with our own preparations – teams have been selected, and team sheets will be distributed to members before the Term 1 school holidays. SlamStyle is also on track to start delivery of new uniforms.

We have registered 35 Girls and 41 Juniors teams to compete in the Winter 2020 competition. While it is likely that the season start will be delayed because of COVID-19, the Club want to be ready to “go” as soon as Basketball Victoria and WBA decide to recommence basketball.

In the event that the Winter 2020 season is shortened, or in the worst case cancelled, the Club will provide registered members with the option for their Malvern Tigers membership fee to be either refunded (in part or whole) or carried over as a credit to pay for the 2020/21 Summer Season. As a not-for-profit organisation, the Club will ensure memberships fees are appropriately returned as a refund or credit.