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COVID-19 Resources

Malvern Tigers Latest (Outdoor) Training Sessions Update (12 Jun)

Malvern Tigers Winter 2020 Season Update (5 Jun)

Malvern Tigers April Update (13 Apr)

Malvern Tigers COVID-19 Update (13 Mar)

Basketball Victoria COVID-19 Updates

Basketball Victoria Return to Sports Guidelines

Malvern Tigers Conditions of Entry to Training Venues and Hygiene Practices:

In accordance with BV, the Club currently operating under Orange 50 (of BV’s Return to Sport Guidelines from 22 June 2020) for our training sessions:

  • Maximum of 20 players per court
  • Players to supply their own basketballs and all balls to be sanitised at venue prior using a single use anti-bacterial wipe. The wipe must be disposed of after use; single-use only.
  • Players must supply their own drink bottle (filled at home) and towel (if desired). Both to be clearly labelled.
  • Structured Non-Contact Drills and Scrimmages are allowed
  • Shaking of hands/high-fives/hugging are banned
  • Minimum of 10-minute break between training sessions
  • To create this 10-minute break between training sessions, each session will finish 10 minutes earlier – the net result is that each training session will last 50-minutes.
  • A Bio-Safety Officer (BSO) will take attendance at each session for contact tracing purposes.

Players (and anyone else at the venue) are required to:

  • Not use public water fountains
  • Not share food and snacks
  • Wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser before and after each session
  • NB: The AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment, recommends a thorough full-body shower with soap before and after training (at home).

The Club will have Bio-Safety Officers at each venue to ensure the above conditions are being followed.

Extract from BV’s Return to Sports Guidelines (below):

Basketball Victoria Indoor Training Guidelines table