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New Stadium Development

Fri 9 Oct 2020

Despite our win at Stonnington City Council last year, the development of the new Council-approved and budgeted multi-purpose stadium and grounds is once again under threat.

Working in collaboration with Prahran Netball Association and Malvern Central Netball Club, it took years to finally get the development at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park (PTMP) approved. Whilst there are 2,000 registered basketballers and 2,700 registered netballers in Stonnington, it is much more than a stadium. The new development includes:

  • 2 bowling greens
  • 7 outdoor courts
  • upgrades to cricket ovals
  • upgrades to lacrosse fields
  • 4 indoor courts suitable for both basketball and netball

These provisions were in line with Council’s own study from 2015 which showed a shortage of indoor court space in Stonnington and that our neighbouring municipalities were at capacity.

A significant number of candidates in the Stonnington City Council election have publicly stated that they support overturning the previous vote and either abandoning the stadium or relocating it to an alternative site.

To be clear – there is no "alternative site" for the approved stadium. Council had 51 potential sites independently reviewed and the grounds at PTMP were identified as the only viable site. The East Malvern RSL was specifically considered but rejected as a viable alternative site because there are issues with the water table and its size limitations (the Council only owns the bowling greens – NOT the carpark or the buildings). Therefore, any proposal to relocate the stadium is really (effectively) an intention to scrap it.

How you can help?

Stonnington Residents: When voting, we ask you to consider candidates who are likely to support our basketball and netball communities. For current counsellors seeking re-election, Cr Jami Klisaris, Cr Matthew Koce, and Cr Steven Stefanopoulos all voted in favour of the stadium. For candidates seeking election, please look closely at their campaign material for a commitment to proceed with building stadium at PTMP, not anywhere else (especially NOT the East Malvern RSL site).

Obviously, it is not a one issue election, and you should vote for the candidates who will serve you best.