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Wed 16 December 2020

Winter 2021 Registrations closed on Tuesday 15 December 2020.

Players whose registrations are received after this date will be placed on a waitlist, and only if a position becomes available, might they be offered a place in a team – subject to a $20 late registration fee.

Please contact our Membership Manager.

Mon 30 November 2020

Hi Tigers,

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Waverley Basketball Association have confirmed there will be no Summer 2020/21 Season. Rather, Waverley is running an extended Winter 2021 Season, commencing 30-31 January 2021. The Winter 2021 Season comprises two phases:

  1. Practice & Grading (10 rounds from 30-31 Jan to 17-18 Apr), then
  2. Competition & Finals (16 rounds plus 2 finals from 1-2 May to 11-12 Sep).

Registration is open NOW for all age groups in the Juniors and Girls Competitions (Under 8 to 18) for the entire 2021 Winter Season (including Girls U14, U16 and U18 now on Saturday afternoons and early evenings at the newly refurbished Oakleigh Recreation Centre).

Register NOW via Play HQ at:

Teams will be selected for the Practice & Grading phase, then continue unchanged into the Competition & Finals phase of the Winter 2021 Season. Players registering for Practice & Grading are expected to continue for the Competition & Finals phase.


The Malvern Tigers is a not-for-profit community organisation. Our membership fees cover all costs of registration, team sheets and now also stadium admission (i.e. no more $2.50 per person per game!) charged by the Waverley Basketball Association, as well as costs associated with our Club coaching and court hire for training.

To help manage the financial impact of an extended Winter 2021 Season, we have decided to break-up the total membership fee into two payments:

  1. $175 now upon registration to cover the costs of the 10 rounds in the Practice & Grading phase, then
  2. $285 due in late March to cover the costs of the 16+2 rounds in the Competition & Finals phase.

Our membership fees have been levied assuming all scheduled games and training for Winter 2021 will take place. In the event of disruption to, or cancellation of the Winter 2021 season, any unused membership fees will be refunded to members.

Team selection for Winter 2021 will be based on the Winter 2020 teams (as selected) and supporting coach assessments, consistent with our Club’s Selection Policy. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to access training courts until February 2021, so there will be no Club Assessment Sessions for Winter 2021. New players will be allocated to teams based on previous experience and may be requested to attend a separate individual assessment session with a Senior Coach.

Members cannot play for the Tigers without a uniform. Uniforms can be ordered from our supplier SlamStyle online at Uniform orders close Tuesday 15 December 2020. Orders received after this date my not arrive in time for the commencement of the Winter 2021 Season.

Please contact our Membership Manager or Age Group Coordinators with any questions you may have about registration with the Malvern Tigers for the Winter 2021 Season.