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Scorebench Duties

All scorers have a certain responsibility and are recognised as officials during the game. Scorers are an important part of the game.

Scoring system

The Waverley Basketball Association (WBA) use touchscreen scoring technology called LiveScore, developed by a local organisation - Jamware. Events occuring during the game such as scores and fouls are entered on the LiveScore touch-screen by the scorer based on signals made by the referees. The current game data in LiveScore is automatically displayed on large LCD monitors on each court where it can be viewed by players, spectators and officials.

Scorer’s responsibility

The scorer is recognised as an official, just like the referees. This means that scorers must refrain from showing strong vocal support for a team or displaying dissent with refereeing decisions. A scorer can be instructed to leave the scorebench if, in the opinion of the referees, they become overly involved in supporting a team. In extreme cases scorers can be reported. In this event they are reported as an official and the consequences are far worse than when a spectator is reported.


View and download the full details of the scorebench duties.

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