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When and where do the teams play?

Most Malvern Tigers teams are entered in the Waverley Basketball Association (WBA) domestic basketball competitions.

WBA conducts two seasons each year - Summer (school Terms 4 & 1) and Winter (school Terms 2 & 3).  Most matches are played at the six court WBA Jordanville Stadium on the corner of Batesford Road and Power Avenue, Chadstone. Other Saturday games are played at:

  • Wattle Park Primary School – 225 Warrigal Road, Burwood (off-street parking via Somers Street)
  • Ashburton Primary School – 10A Fakenham Road, Ashburton (off Warrigal Road)
  • Kingswood College – 355 Station Street, Box Hill South (enter from Piedmont Street)
  • Box Hill Aquatic Centre – 31 Surrey Drive, Box Hill (enter via Alexander Street, off Station Street)

Match times vary by age group and competition:

  • Under 8 and 10 Boys (and mixed boys/girls) play on Saturday mornings and early afternoons
  • Under 12 and 14 Boys play on Saturday afternoons and early evenings
  • Under 16 and 18 Boys play on Sunday afternoons
  • Under 8, 10 and 12 Girls teams play on Saturday mornings and early afternoons
  • Under 14, 16 and 18 Girls teams play on Saturday afternoons and early evenings
  • Adult teams play on weeknights

Admission to the WBA venues is $2.50 for players and spectators. Non-playing children U12 are free.